We have partnered with the best suppliers in the business because a high-performance vehicle needs parts that can stand the strain.


Keeping your engine in top condition with our log book services, preventing long term issues and keeping your warranty in check!

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We’re Perth’s Modern Diesel Specialists

This passion comes through in the quality of the work we put out. We take pride in what we do and believe in doing a thorough job from start to finish.

We don’t like to settle for ordinary. We aim for extraordinary every single time. We work hard to coax new life out of just about any engine and can get your vehicle back on track fast. When you see and feel the difference you’ll know you’ve had the Locked In Garage touch! We could go on bragging about how great we are for ages, but we don’t really have to – our clients do that for us. Just check out what some of our clients have to say about us and judge for yourself. Everyone leaves this garage happy. Put us to the test – you’ll be glad you did.


Log book servicing and repairs

We pride ourselves in being thorough when it comes to the servicing of vehicles & installation of replacement parts, with our dual trade mechanics & 25 years of experience you know our in good hands!

4WD Accessories and parts

Using top-quality aftermarket parts means that you get the best for a lot less, without compromising performance.

Performance Upgrades

A large range of performance parts and brands avail designed to get the most out of your 4×4, Whatever your desired goals are.

ECU Tuning & Remapping

Custom ECU remapping allows us to customize what your engine can achieve by commanding more air and fuel the right way, efficiently and safely getting the most from your engine!

Exhaust Supply & Install

We can help you enhance power, sound and performance of your 4WD with a suitable exhaust system call us for options.

Suspension Upgrades

Quality, aftermarket suspension components designed to suit your requirements, improve both vehicle handling and comfort on and off the tarmac.

  •  Great service. I’m very fussy with my vehicle and every time I’ve been here they have gone above and beyond. There price is on point to. As they say you get what you pay for. Very satisfying getting your vehicle back knowing the work is done properly and not having to redo things your self as I have done in the past from other so called reputable mechanical workshops in Perth – Jason Catalano
  • Many thanks to David and Matt for their experience and expertise getting my Hilux the extra power where needed, especially for towing. Locked In Garages heavy duty 1000nm clutch package, which includes the flywheel has made a big difference to the feel on the pedal and is so much lighter to depress than the so called heavy duty clutch i had in it from before. Also had bigger injectors installed, inlet manifold clean and remapping . Good job guys??  – Lyndon Kattler
  • Good honest prompt service.
    Just left it to them n they didn’t miss a thing.
    Vehicle has a heap of torque. I was really surprised at the result.
    I would recommend anyone due an EGR clean then see these guys n get the engine ECU remapped plus clutch etc at same time, u wont regret it.
    Will make towing the van n boat so much easier, they both weigh in at 3 ton each. – Alan Dodds

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