Isuzu D-Max ECU Remapping

A modern Isuzu vehicle is the product of advanced technology, and making changes to its Engine Control Unit (ECU) can be a complex task. Even a small mistake during this process can cause significant damage to the engine. Numerous adjustments need to be made to various internal ECU files to perform a successful and safe ECU remap.

Experience, the right tools, a suitable facility, and establishing trust are essential requirements for any Isuzu ECU remapping and vehicle service. It is crucial because a vehicle valued between $50,000 to $100,000 or more, incorporating advanced technology, is at risk if serviced by a business lacking these characteristics. 

At Locked in Garage, we agree that these factors are of utmost importance to ensure the safety and quality of the service provided.



Locked in Garage is a renowned independent automotive workshop located in Australia. Every month, we successfully repair hundreds of vehicles, regardless of the brand or model. A genuine passion for cars drives our team.

To provide top-notch service, we prioritise our technicians’ continuous training and development to stay up-to-date with the evolving automotive industry.

When it comes to tuning a modern vehicle, having comprehensive experience with cars is crucial. It is essential to possess the ability to diagnose and resolve any potential issues and tuning skills and the necessary equipment.


As Isuzu specialists, we possess an in-depth understanding of every aspect of your vehicle. This is primarily because our workshop handles dozens of Isuzu vehicles for repair every month. Our extensive exposure to Isuzu vehicles gives us a thorough knowledge of their mechanics, electronics, and various components. This expertise enables us to perform tuning and effectively diagnose and address any potential problems arising during the process.



Our Dyno room is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and software that are among the best available in the global market for petrol and diesel engines. We prioritise keeping our equipment up to date to ensure we have access to the latest advancements in tuning technology.

How is our ECU-Reamapping different from others?

Currently, numerous auto tuners in Australia offer ECU remapping services. However, only a few of them specialise in diesel tuning. This is because tuning a diesel engine is quite different from tuning a petrol engine, and the experience in diesel tuning is relatively new in Australia compared to other markets like Europe.

Interestingly, there has been a significant rise in the number of diesel cars sold in Australia, creating a large market for diesel tuning services.

To ensure an efficient and safe tuning for your ISUZU D-MAX engine, two primary types of experience are essential:

Technical Experience: 

This refers to the knowledge and expertise in understanding the intricacies of ISUZU D-MAX engines, including their specific components, systems, and performance characteristics. A tuner with technical experience will have a deep understanding of optimising the engine’s performance through tuning while considering factors like fuel efficiency, power delivery, and engine durability.

Tuning Experience: 

This relates to the hands-on experience of tuning ISUZU D-MAX engines. A tuner with tuning experience will have worked with various ISUZU D-MAX vehicles, gaining insights into the tuning process, understanding the potential challenges, and fine-tuning the ECU parameters to achieve the desired performance outcomes. This experience helps in tailoring the tuning to the vehicle’s specific needs and the owner’s preferences.

By combining technical and tuning experience, a tuner can effectively and safely optimise the performance of your ISUZU D-MAX engine, ensuring an enhanced driving experience while maintaining the engine’s reliability and longevity.



Importance of good tuner

Experience, tools, software, facility, and passion are crucial.

The car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) contains numerous sensors, timers, quantities, variables, and map files. We perform advanced tests in various climate conditions for different car models to achieve the best efficiency. We customise the ECU setup to optimise performance.


A skilled tuner possesses the following:

  • Extensive experience with Common Rail diesel engines.
  • A wide range of top-quality tools, including up-to-date software and hardware.
  • A state-of-the-art facility for testing, diagnosing, and repairing vehicles.
  • A genuine passion for their work.

At Locked in Garage, we specialise in custom-tuning individual ECUs. We conduct Dyno tests before and after tuning to ensure the desired improvements. Our workshop is fully equipped, allowing us to handle all aspects of car servicing “in house,” ensuring comprehensive and efficient service.



  • In the last decade, almost all diesel cars sold in Australia, including the Isuzu D-MAX, have reduced their performance from the factory.
  • The original setup of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) intentionally reduces the torque and power output of the engine by around 15% to 25%. 
  • Torque is especially important for diesel engines, providing significant pulling and towing force at low RPMs. In contrast, petrol engines operate differently, delivering more pulling and towing force at higher RPMs, where the power output is maximised. This is due to the difference in torque characteristics between diesel and petrol engines.
  • Additionally, engines consume more fuel at higher RPMs. As a result, diesel engines tend to have lower overall fuel consumption than petrol engines, as they are optimised to operate efficiently at lower RPMs.


  • You might have noticed that your ISUZU D-MAX becomes noticeably slower when the Air Conditioning (AirCon) is turned on. This happens because the AirCon system requires power to operate, and that power comes from the engine.
  • Many ISUZU drivers feel frustrated while driving with the AirCon on, as simple maneuvers like overtaking can become challenging. It’s natural to react by pressing the throttle fully when you feel your ISUZU is not performing as expected.
  • The issue arises because a diesel engine is designed to provide strong pulling and towing force in the middle RPM ranges (around 2000-4000 RPM). Even with the throttle fully engaged, the car may struggle to complete an overtake on a gently sloping road with a medium load onboard.
  • This situation can lead to unsafe driving conditions and increased fuel consumption.
  • Our ECU Remap can give your ISUZU D-MAX an additional 36 horsepower (HP) and a 30% increase in torque (90 Newton meters or NM). This means your car will become more responsive, safer, and capable of handling situations like overtaking more efficiently.


  • Based on our estimates, you can save an average of 672 litres of fuel over a distance of 40,000 kilometres driven with your ISUZU D-MAX after our ECU Remap.
  • Additionally, our calculations indicate an approximate reduction of 1801 kilograms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere over 40,000 kilometres with your Isuzu vehicle following the ECU Remap.
  • These numbers demonstrate the potential environmental benefits and cost savings achieved by optimising your ISUZU D-MAX’s engine performance through our ECU Remap service.



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