Supercharge Your 4×4 Adventure with JMACX: The Ultimate Upgrade

Have you got what it takes to advance your 4×4 capabilities? Look no further than Lockedingarage’s JMACX, the revolutionary product that dominates Australia’s market for coil conversions, GVM upgrades, and 4×4 accessories.

Our JMACX technology differs from other companies because we are dedicated to making high-quality GVM upgrades and coil conversions that can handle tough conditions and offer a great driving experience while paying close attention to every detail.

Our technology (IP2020202596) is top-notch and will keep you ahead in 4×4 technology. JMACX offers more than just an upgrade. It opens up new opportunities.

Beyond the 70 series, our product line includes well-known automobiles like the RAM 1500, Ford Ranger, Landcruiser 200 and 300 series, and Toyota Hilux. JMACX gives your vehicle the power and capability to handle any challenge, whether going on off-road adventures, towing heavy loads, or exploring remote areas.

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Why go with JMACX? Australian adventurers trust our product for the following reasons:

You can utilize your vehicle’s full potential thanks to the highest axle load rating available in Australia in our GVM upgrades. You can load and use your upgraded GVM with JMACX without sacrificing performance or safety.

We take great pride in being the market leader in coil conversions, GVM upgrades, and 4×4 suspension systems. Thanks to our state-of-the-art design and engineering capabilities, we guarantee you will receive the strongest coil conversion available. You can have peace of mind with JMACX because it is fully certified and supported by engineering.

Experience is the only way to gain someone’s trust, and JMACX has a track record that speaks for itself. Our GVM upgrades have been used by our customers for millions of miles, demonstrating their dependability and toughness. Become one of the satisfied explorers who have tasted the JMACX difference.

We know that carrying a load effectively requires the utmost comfort and control. Your off-road journeys will be as enjoyable as they are adventurous, thanks to JMACX’s suspension systems, designed to deliver unmatched handling and stability.


You’re not just improving your 4×4 when you use JMACX but also opening up a world of opportunities. Accept the thrill of the unknown, forge ahead confidently through unfamiliar terrain, and redefine adventure on your terms.

When you can outfit your vehicle with the extraordinary, don’t settle for mediocrity. If you choose JMACX, you will always appreciate the power of adventure.



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“My dad was a mechanical engineer specialising in race cars. His dad was a mechanic. Mechanical performance is in our blood.”

— David Collins, Managing Director