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Unlock the Potential of Your Diesel Engine with Locked in Garage’s Custom Toyota Hilux Upgrades, Modifications, and Premium Diesel Performance Tuning Services. As the top Toyota diesel performance specialists in Australia, we understand that standard Hilux engines may not always meet the expectations of their owners, and we have the remedies to help you unleash that untapped power!


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Hilux series Performance & Tuning

Locked in Garage caters to various Hilux models, including the N70 and N80, and provides a range of performance upgrades and tuning services tailored to unleash the full potential of your diesel engine.

Our services include industry-leading ECU remapping, dyno tuning, and top-tier performance upgrades such as exhaust systems, injectors, intercoolers, and air box upgrades.

We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable master tuners who can create their own ECU remap files in-house. This allows us to fully personalise your remap to meet your specific performance requirements.

Here’s a breakdown of how our tuning process works:

  • We connect your vehicle to our advanced test equipment, which reads crucial data such as air-fuel ratio, boost pressure, tacho speed, RPM, and more.
  • We run your vehicle on our dyno, a tool that simulates various road conditions. This allows our skilled technicians to conduct a readout of your vehicle’s performance before tuning, which we can then use to compare the before and after results.
  • Our technicians will then adjust and modify various components of your vehicle to optimise its performance.
  • After these adjustments, we re-run your vehicle on the dyno for an after-tune readout. This enables us to compare the before and after results and ensure your vehicle performs at its best.
Toyota Hilux

Premium Hilux Mods & Upgrades

The Toyota Hilux is one of the most sought-after diesel vehicles on the market. It boasts a higher factory torque than other models while providing exceptional comfort to its drivers and passengers.

Hilux ECU Remapping:

Custom ECU remapping is an effective way to significantly increase the torque output of a Toyota Hilux while keeping the original factory components intact. Our diesel performance tuners can achieve an average of 40-50% increase in torque through ECU remapping. Our team can install additional performance upgrades like an upgraded turbo, exhaust system, and intercooler to increase torque further.


On average, a diesel Toyota Hilux produces around 320 nm of torque and 125 horsepower at the wheels when it leaves the factory. However, these figures may vary depending on the individual vehicle and the conditions in which it is tested. At Locked in Garage, we have observed such results on our dyno (though note that results may vary in AWD).

Exhaust Upgrades:

Locked in Garage offers various performance exhaust system upgrades, including stainless steel full systems with different configurations. We recommend contacting us to determine which exhaust system suits your needs.

Our mandrel-bent design and straight-through muffler can enhance the exhaust flow and produce a deep, pleasing sound without any annoying noise in the cab. If you’re tuning your Hilux engine, you may want to upgrade the factory exhaust system, and the ECU remap.

Feel free to call our team to discuss your requirements and see if your vehicle needs an exhaust upgrade.

Injector Upgrades

Custom injector upgrades for your Hilux can be tailored in-house to provide the necessary fueling when enhancing the performance of your Toyota Hilux. Typically, injector upgrades are necessary for most models when upgrading your vehicle’s factory-fitted turbo.

Intercooler and Air Box Upgrades

At Locked in Garage, we specialise in custom-built diesel fuel injectors designed to optimise the fuel-to-air mixture for enhanced performance. These types of upgrades are often necessary when changing the factory-fitted turbo.

While some factory airboxes can provide sufficient airflow for most aftermarket upgrades and filtration requirements, upgrading turbochargers may require Toyota owners to reconsider their airflow efficiency.

We advise our customers to keep their factory filters when upgrading their airboxes. Maintaining aftermarket filters can be challenging, and not doing a thorough job could risk your engine.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can enhance the power, torque, and driveability of your Toyota Hilux, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Locked in Garage today.



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