ECU remapping is an important but not always well-understood part of the continual process of tuning up your vehicle. Whether you have a turbocharged or non-turbocharged engine, remapping has proven to improve the efficiency and performance of your car dramatically.

This is because ecu remapping perth optimizes and balances all proportioning factors in the engine management system to fit uniquely with each individual’s drive style and needs.

How to Determine If Your Car Needs an ECU Remap?

Several ECU remap indications indicate the necessity for “chipping” or adjusting your car’s computer chip.

  • Sluggish while using the brakes or the acceleration.
  • Your car runs rough or with an uneven idle.
  • Your car keeps failing emission tests.
  • The temperature gauge keeps running too high.
  • You have reduced gas mileage or increased emissions from your vehicle.

The only reliable method to know if your car requires to have an ECU analysis or diagnosis performed by a certified mechanic using the appropriate tools. So, the Locked In Garage is one of the best options in Perth.

ECU Remapping Perth

What Happens With An ECU Remap?

The ECU of your car (Electronic Control Unit) is like your vehicle’s computer. It combines all the components and sensors into one big software. In other words, it ensures that everything in the engine, from the turbo to the exhaust, works in harmony with the fuel injection system and allows maximum performance.

Our professional ECU remapping Perth will re-calibrating the existing software. This will make the ECU work in harmony with your driving style by adjusting the various sensors, actuators and other factors that affect the engine performance.

Does An ECU Remap Improve Fuel Economy?

You will notice a reduction in fuel consumption when you modify your driving style to benefit from the additional low-end torque. This is particularly obvious in turbo-diesel engines, where we observe improvements of up to 20%.

4 Benefits of ECU Remap:

  • The Power & Torque get improved
  • It increases acceleration
  • It gives more gas mileage
  • Better Throttle Response
ECU Remapping in Perth



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