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Improve the Performance of Your 70 Series Land Cruiser with Locked in Garage’s Wide Range of Performance Upgrades and Tuning Services

The 70 Series Land Cruisers are an eternal classic and a top choice for diesel performance enthusiasts throughout Australia. These powerful engines possess massive potential for enhanced power and are perfect for those who adore towing and touring. Locked in Garage is at your service to assist VDJ70 owners nationwide in unleashing the untapped performance capabilities that lie beneath the bonnet!

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70 Series Performance Upgrades & Tuning

As Australia’s foremost specialist in diesel performance for Toyota diesels, we provide an array of first-rate performance upgrades, modifications, and tuning services for the VDJ70 series, catering to both pre-DPF and DPF models. 

Our services range from individual upgrades and ECU remapping that maintain factory components to customised performance packages that offer straightforward pathways to improved driveability, power, and torque. When it comes to performance workshops, Locked in Garage is your ultimate choice.

We offer a wide range of upgrades for the VDJ70, including custom ECU tuning, exhaust systems, turbo and injector upgrades, and much more. Our diesel performance specialists are available to assist you in determining which upgrades are most suitable for achieving maximum impact.

Get the best Performance Upgrade Packages for the 70 Series Land Cruiser

If you’re searching for a Toyota 70 Series mechanic in perth to enhance the performance for your 70 Series Land Cruiser equipped with a DPF, our performance packages are tailored to provide the power and torque gains you desire. 

Our three-stage system offers a step-by-step upgrade approach, enabling you to gradually enhance your Land Cruiser’s performance to meet your specific requirements. The packages include a remap, clutch upgrade, and exhaust upgrade, with optional extras available for customisation. You can choose from a selection of exhaust systems and clutch options to tailor your build.

For those seeking even more performance upgrades, we also deliver intercoolers and injectors to optimise airflow and fuel. Optional extras such as a snorkel and airbox upgrade are also available. With our upgrade packages, your 70 Land Cruiser will have improved power and torque, making it perfect for heavy towing and off-road adventures. 

So, whether you’re exploring the outback or towing a caravan, our packages will make your Land Cruiser perform better than ever before.

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This is how our performance tuning process works

  • Firstly, we connect your VDJ70 Land Cruiser to our testing equipment to read important performance indicators such as air-fuel ratio, boost pressure, tachometer speed and RPM.
  • Then, we run your vehicle on our dyno which replicates different road conditions, allowing our technicians to get a baseline measurement of your vehicle’s current performance before any tuning takes place.
  • Our experienced technicians will then make adjustments and modifications to your Land Cruiser’s components for optimal performance.
  • After the upgrades are completed, we run your vehicle on the dyno again to get an after-tune readout, which is then compared to the baseline measurement to gauge the performance improvements achieved.

Ready to take your VDJ70 Land Cruiser to the next level? Our premium range of upgrade and tuning services will make you fall in love with your LC all over again!



  • Most Diesel cars sold in Australia over the last ten years, including the Toyota Landcruiser, have had their performance reduced by the factory. There are many reasons for this, which we have explained in an article.
  • The original setup of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) reduces the torque and power of diesel cars by 15% to 25%.
  • Torque is important for diesel engines as it provides a lot of pulling and towing force at low RPM. In contrast, petrol engines generate more force at higher RPM, where the power output is highest, because they don’t have as much torque.
  • Diesel engines use less fuel overall than petrol engines because engines burn more fuel at higher RPM.



  • You may have noticed that your TOYOTA LANDCRUISER becomes noticeably slower when you turn on the air conditioning. This is because the air conditioning system requires power to run, and that power is provided by the engine. 
  • Many Toyota drivers feel frustrated while driving with the air conditioning on because a simple overtaking manoeuvre can become a nightmare, and pressing the accelerator fully is a natural response when they feel their Toyota is not performing as expected.
  • This is the reason a diesel engine struggles to complete an overtake even on a full throttle because it’s designed to provide strong pulling and towing force at mid-range RPMs (2000-4000). 
  • This becomes particularly problematic when driving on gently sloping roads with a medium load onboard, leading to unsafe driving conditions and increased fuel consumption.
  • To address this issue, we offer an ECU Remap that can add an extra 32 horsepower of power and 16% more torque (69NM) to your 70 Series TOYOTA LANDCRUISER. This results in a much more responsive and safer car that can handle overtaking and challenging terrain with ease.


  • Having more torque means that your car can generate more pulling and towing force, which requires less throttle to move the vehicle. This results in overall fuel savings.
  • Based on our calculations, we estimate that the average TOYOTA LANDCRUISER driver can save around 952 litres of fuel every 40,000 kilometres driven after getting our ECU Remap. This also leads to a reduction of approximately 2551 kilograms of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere for your Toyota over the same distance.
  • These are significant savings that not only benefit the environment but also your wallet in the long run.



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“My dad was a mechanical engineer specialising in race cars. His dad was a mechanic. Mechanical performance is in our blood.”

— David Collins, Managing Director