Director: David Collins

Age: 33

Relationship status: Married to life

Interests: Pretty much anything outdoors, Skydiing most weekends & a freefly coach,wake boarding, fishing, camping, riding.

Special talents: I recently returned from a 200 way skydiving world record attemp in Chicago it was a pretty wild experience being on the sky with 203 other people at same time.

Vehicle’s: My daily drive is a 2021 200 series, I have a ex miner 76 in about a million pieces after respray that i dont have time to finish hahah, Ride is a 2008 GSXR1000

Mods list: 200 has AEV/JMACX kings 4.2t gvm upgrade with 33s all legal, turbo back exhaust, custom ecu/tcu remap, Fatz fab airbox and forward facing snorkel, Rugged brakes 6 piston calipers and 2 piece rotors, Offroad animal bullbar, The cruiser company rear bar, draws fridge all that jaz.
Bike just has a yoshimuri exhaust

Power: 200s making 230hp for now
76 was at 386hp but have a few more goodies when it goes back together hopefully push closer to that 500 mark

Jake Poole
Counter chick

Age: 24

Relationship status: Very single

Special talents: breaking myself without actually doing anything

Interests: Anything I get told is dangerous, Skydiving, wakeboarding, riding and love to travel all over the world.

Vehicle’s: My rides are a 2008 WRX, the ugly Betty hatchback. (Beast mind you) and I ride a CFMOTO 650NK as my daily, rain or sunshine.


Joe Down
3rd Year Apprentice

Age: 20

Relationship status: In a relationship

Interests: Camping, 4wding, mountain biking or pretty much any outdoor sports.

Special talents: Anything to do with TDs

Vehicle’s: 1993 GQ Patrol/ Ford Maverick TD42
Hyundai Getz

Mods list: 12mm pump, Gturbo Redwheel, Front mount cooler, PatrolDocta snorkel/airbox, 4 inch lift with 8 inch Comp Shocks, 37 inch tyres.

Power: 250hp 700nm on 37s

Nicholas Pratt

1st year apprentice

Age: 19

Interest: outdoor, wakeboarding camping and finishing.

Vehicle: Hyundai Getz
I drive a 1994 Ln106 hilux, with a 5 inch lift and 35s.

Power: Makes 98hp and 277nm

Rhys Andrzejeski

Age: 32

Relationship status: engaged

Interests: Taking the boat out catching 3m flattys, Downhill, Motorcross, Burnouts, wheelin with the boys

Special talents: wheelies for days, Getting myself into trouble hahaha

Vehicles: my daily is a 09 Model 79 series ex miner single cab with 335hp and 973 nm on 35s with 5inch lift, twin locked, npc1300, g350, +70s, pdi front mount, Fatz Fabrication 4” shorty exhaust, snorkel, air box and intake pipe
vz ssv ute

1969 Toyota Stout pretty much all stock except the motor cammed ls2 and manualised 4l65e, built for burnouts.



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“My dad was a mechanical engineer specialising in race cars. His dad was a mechanic. Mechanical performance is in our blood.”

— David Collins, Managing Director