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Are you looking for a Toyota 200 Series mechanic in Perth? Locked in Garage is your one-stop shop for all your 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser needs. Unleash the power of your Land Cruiser with a new engine, transmission, suspension, or brake work. We ensure the versatility and reliability you need to tackle any terrain. 

200 series

Toyota 200 Series servicing and repairs in Perth

We have extensive experience combining performance modifications with the most advanced expertise in servicing and repairs. Whether it’s a log book service or your looking to get more from your 200’s performance, economy, or everything in between there is not much we don’t do here at at Locked in Garage, you can be assured that we’re perth most trusted toyota diesel specialist, entrust us all of your needs are met with a budget in mind.

While the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series is a reliable and durable vehicle, there are a few common areas where they can be drastically improved. Built to last, these durable engines have much to offer their owners – but there’s still so much potential lying under the hood!

Here is how we can help, maintain and modify your 200 Series

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) & EGR issues: The DPF can become clogged over time, leading to poor performance and increased fuel consumption. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent this issue. Maybe along the lines of, Modern common rail diesels have a few different emission control systems, if not maintained or handled correctly these can become very problematic. We have a range of solutions to fit each customer’s requirements to ensure your 200 goes the distance.

Transmission Solutions: Although the ab60 automatic transmission can handle plenty of power and torque, there are still some areas for improvement. The factory lockup logic is far from optimal resulting in loads of unnecessary shifts and tc lockups while cruising, We have a range of solutions to suit performance, towing and optimised economy.

Suspension & GVM: The 200 series is a very capable vehicle on and off the tarmac, however it doesn’t take long before a couple of accesories and some camping gear exceeds the factory GVM (gross vehicle mass). We have tailored solutions to increase the GVM and also improve the reliability and capabilities even further!

Electrical Upgrades: Whether you’re towing a van around aus or just dropping the kids to school there’s a host of electrical goodies from mild to wild that turn the 200 into your dream vehicle. We offer everything from light bars and 2 ways right through to full rear custom setups & stand alone lithium battery systems. Come and check out our 200 in store!

Power & Economy: This is an area where there can be huge benefits, With packages from mild towing setups to the 400hp daily drive be sure we have you covered. 


At Locked in Garage, we’re passionate about Toyota Landcruiser and take pride in providing the reliable, efficient service our customers need.



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